Solution for snoring band with ball

I have some blog post about snoring...

and one of simple solutions is this
just incline the pillow so that we can sleep with side head on the pillow.

but almost the same idea, prevent me to sleep with my back on...

hmm... silly :p
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Touch keyboard2

Just found this video in youtube

The Sensation Of Buttons On A Touchscreen

They can feel, they are pressing a button. I dont know how do i feel with it,  but i was thinking to integrate with this idea

At that time, as a one who studied usability, i thought it we should have some feedback or should feel where the buttons are, but it might be not needed with this touch interface...

hmm, nice :)

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Umbrella for Couples

It might be interesting to have an umbrella for couples....
Currently, there are some problems...

It can be like this


or... simply...

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First Impression log

For every new thing in the world, maybe we have some impression or good feeling towards that.

For example, iPad. My friend just got an iPad 2, and he was really excited about that.

then, it might be interesting to force people to write down what they are thinking, or feeling, when they first use, so that we can see later on and remember some "pure feeling" afterwords.

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Smart Credit card

In japan, (and might be the same in kenya or some african countries) we have a mobile banking system. the mobile's ic is corresponding to the bank account, we can pay for many things with our phone; train, convenience store, and so on.

then, it would be interesting to keep track of one's household accounts automatically with the data...
more than that, with google goggles, maybe we can recognize what the product is, and we can have logs of what for we used money with pictures.

.... oh... recent idea is too cheap....
sorry for that... ><

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Facebook card

as i mentioned in the post Facebook "Like" button on Real life products,
it would be nicer if we could have a real like button in real life...

at the same time, it would be nicer if we can check-in with foursquare

the trigger of these thought is today's visit to apple store.
I went to silicon valley's apple store, and i wanted to check in, but i just had an abroad phone... (I might ought to try it.. there might be a wifi connection)

Then, it would be nicer if we could have a card with IDs or phone with IDs, which corresponds to our facebook account, forsquare, and so on.

Then, if facebook or some companies could provide some machine which automatically send like or check in information to internet when we touched with the card, it would be nice :)

I would like to have a card actually, but technically it would be nicer if we could have that information in mobile.

In japan, we can exchange our personal information just only with touching our phone. (maybe with ic tag or something)... then, what if we can be a friend in facebook just with touching our phone, or cards...

that would be nice :)

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Airport luggage security delay

I just arrived at US today... this time i took 2 flight.... horrible...
because of the delay, i missed 1 transit flight, and the next flight has some fuel problem, and go to another airport to get fuel...
Besides, i couldn't pass through the security gate straightly...
I went to specials room, and wait for 1 hour, and....

but anyway, i arrived!

Today's idea is also about the airport.
small thing about hand luggage security...

the current system is,
1. put off the watches, belts, wallet, mobile, shoes and some other belongings into small box
2. put our hand luggage on
3. put out our computer

or something like that. At that time, especially wearing off the shoes and belts, takes too much time.

then, what i thought is... what if the ground moves corresponding with the place where we put our hand luggage? (a little hard to explain with my vocabulary..  see the picture below)
then, we don't need to walk and we don't need to stop while wearing off the belts and shoes.
I think it would bring us much smoother security passing

Upper is current system, and bottom is my suggestion

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Alive confirmation through utilities

 In japan, there is a company which provide a water pot, which send an e-mail about the usage of the pot.
This is for distant family, and child can confirm their grandparents or parents  are alive through those data.

Of course, we should call each other often, but it is a bit hard to call every day with nothing special.
But yes, for me, i do care about my parents condition...

Pot - e-mail

Then, the idea of pot - e-mailing is great, but it is a bit weird to buy those pot to confirm.

Then, what if all water supply companies, or electricity companies can create a service like that??

Every month, we pay 1 euro or 1 dollar, and we can confirm the aliveness information...

I would pay for it :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Glasses for Camera, Video, 3dtv, AR

Hmm.... I just predict how human being will change from now on...

there are some famous picture, and i just added two more pics

the 2nd left one is having mobile, or tablet, and the next one is wearing glasses.

why glasses?? i just got inspiration from following videos

But for me, if it is tv itself, i dont want to use it...
As i mentioned  in  hints from Video glasses, and portable printers if it is a camera, or video, i would be happy.

and we could include function for 3d tv as well, and also it would be a really good interface for AR technology.

this might be a bit different type of "idea" from other posts,  but i would suggest some glasses which has camera, video, 3d tv, and ar interface...

hope it won't be so heavy... lol

we might be able to use head phone as well. to reduce the weight, and to link with sound.

Thank you for reading :)
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Motivation keeping using twitter

Doing something for myself everyday is.. not that easy.
for example, learning vocabulary, diet, garbage sorting, diary, and so on...

then, some part taking role of continuing the motivation is, saying it to our friends, or finding some friends doing the same thing...

then, what if we could have some platform like that?
Setting some project first, (and maybe levels also...)
then first saying "i will do xxx everyday!"

after that, every time "i did xxx today"
it might be good to have "did not do xxx today...", if we dont use the system.. so that friend cheer me up.

then, we can also see the ranking in the project, or daily graph, so that we can continue it :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Car lane change supporting| own traffic signal

I don't drive so much...
what i feel the fear most is... parking, and changing lane.
I need to check a lot of times to find i can change the lane...

then, today's idea is having some support system for those.

I found that many cars has some blinker systems on their side mirror...

and additionally I am sure that there are some cheep technology that the car is near from the car or not...

then, today's idea is really simple, having own traffic signal on each side mirror.
For example, when we change the lane to right side, he has to be carefully see the prople passed through. then, what if something can tell me that "now it is ok to change the lane"?? ... of cause it would be ok with really trust-alble automated car, so that we don't need to afraid... but the solution is not that sexy... technologically, ok, but design aspect is not that good for me :p

followings are my proposal about showing information

red light means it is dangerous to turn

green light means it is ok to turn

 hmmm.... hope everybody could understand...
the looks-like-traffic signal are shown on the side mirror which we use to confirm...

Changing lane lump will only appear when we show the signal to turn right. if the light is read, it means it is dangerous to change the lane, then green, we can change the lane, or something like that :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Magnetic loop for normal environment

In my undergraduate research, i proposed and create a system for hearing impaired persons.
The contents will not be mentioned here, but when i was searching for the benchmarks , i found a very interesting existing technology.

which is called magnetic loop .

The interesting part is, the sound comes from the system is transferred into magnetic signal, and only the ones who have receivers can hear that sound, when they are near the sound source.

as i put a link above, that is now used in many different places..
As far as i know, there are some stadiums which has also the magnetic loop.

that is mainly for hearing impaired person, who can hear one source of sound if it is not mixed together with the different sound... hearing aid amplifier all the sound that exist, so it is really hard for hearing impaired person to hear mixed sound...
then, if we use magnetic loop technology, only one sound can be heard, and it enable the hearing impaired person to hear the sound...

the principle itself is quite simple, so in my opinion, it should spread more even though it is kind of old-technology

in museum, in city or stations and things so on...

And today's idea was inspirited by this technology

one of the concerns in airport is luggage...
and it takes really long time to get our luggage from luggage exit (i dont know how to call it, but where we can get the checked in luggage)
then, what i hate the most is we have to look every luggage really carefully...

then, what if every luggage has some function, which beeps when there are some receiver near them, and only beeps with paired receivers... (it can be a bluetooth, but more closer the range are the better)

then, we can wait luggage even with our back on the luggage....

maybe in terms of security, it would be hard to implement though

Thank you for reading :)
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Taxi sharing 2 in airports

In my previous blog post, I mentioned about taxi sharing application...

the idea of sharing taxi might be really interesting topic, there must be some companies doing that kind of things...
(actually, here it is... it looks tons of people)

But i haven't heard some taxi sharing at the airport...
what if we could have it??? it might be interesting :)

When we book a flight, or might be later, if we register the destination after get off, they arrange us the taxi...

I've been a lot of places, and it seems that there wouldn't be a big difference in terms of price between normal transportation fee and taxi fee if we divided into 4....
then, if that is the first visit place, it would be really nicer if we can be ensured going to our destinations...

Thank you for reading :)
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iPhone/ Android Application for taxi sharing

Taxi is a really nice transportation...
but from a point view of student, it's really expensive...

I once mentioned about an idea of Android/iPhone app ideas | Hitchhikaid

that is about helping people to hitchhike.

but this time, it is for taxi

just input where do we want to go, then the application can find a person who is also going to the same direction around where you are. or, picking up some people on the way, if each of the person uses the application.

it would be nicer if the application can calculate how much each person have to pay, depending on the distance

it reduces the cost a lot, but i think increase the usage of taxi :)

Thank you for reading :)
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SmartPhone with glove

It is not the time... but while winter, it was really hard to operate smart phones with our glove...
everytime when we use phones, we have to take the gloves off...

There are some product, which enable us to use with gloves, but not cheep ones...

just making a gloves like the pic, i think it would be enough... of course everyone can make it, but if it is just a cut-glove, we can not use for long time... then, it would be nice if we can have something like that :)

Thank you for reading :)
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inclined pillow

I heard that if we slept with sideways, we don't snore much,,,

but for me, it is easy to be on my back

so... what if there are some inclined pillow, which prevent me to sleep with facing ceiling

Thank you for reading :)
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English- English Dictionary and English-Japanese Dictionary

As I posted before I'm now studying English..

this post is also an idea of learning English... or.. i dare say, learning foreign language :)
When i start to learn english, the vocabulary list is always English-Japanese, and it works quite well.
and dictionary as well.

But as time past, many teacher recommend us to use english-english dictionary...
at that time, I didn't quite get the reason actually: why do we need to use en-en dictionary???

but yes, the more  words become difficult, the less familiar the translation japanese word is...
and it bring us to wrong way of leaning foreign language...

what is wrong way? of course there's nothing wrong, but the way which i think is wrong way...
let's say, when i learn a really difficult english word "A",  japanese explanation is like "B". However, even though "B" is written in japanese, the word is not familiar with me. then we just remember "A = B" just like the two sides of a coin, but rarely remember the meaning...
In that sense, english-english dictionary works quite well i can guess, because it is explaining what the word "A" means... We can learn the actual meaning by them.
but it is a bit tiring to use such kind of "only-foreign language dictionary"...

Then, what if we could have a dictionary, which explains the word as english-english dictionary does, but written in their own language...

here is an example,
If we look up the word "dictionary" in an en-en dictionary, it says

a book that lists the words of a language in alphabetical order and gives their meaning, or that gives the equivalent words in a different language.

In en-jp dictionary,

My idea is just translating the contents of en-en dictionary into japanese, so that we no longer need to remember "A=B", but can remember the meaning,  like "A is used when i feel... "

when it is really difficult word, I am sure that it works well :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Desktop Computer with Battery

It might be nice if we have a Desktop computer with battery...

so that we would no longer afraid of blackout :)

just for 3h or some is enough, but it is a bit dangerous that PCs get turn off suddenly when it was unplugged...

Thank you for reading :)
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ear plugs with alarm

As I mentioned in

Solution for Snoring in hostel with friends

I snored...

then, yesterday's idea was also about snoring, and today also...

Some of my friend told me that if they have a ear plugs, then it doesn't matter...

but... the problem is having ear plugs make us impossible to hear the sound of alarm...
so... what if we can have ear plugs that have a function of alarm???
it would let people being able to hear the sound of alarm, but not snoring :)
ear plugs are wirelesslly connected with alarm

Thank you for reading :)
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Solution for Snoring in hostel with friends

I'm now studying in Finland...

And i will stay here for 2 weeks...
then, i am staying with my friends in a room for 6 persons...

then, sometimes, i was told that "you snored", also when i traveling with my friends...

then, i really feel guilty....

then, today's idea is...

having "shut up" button for each bed,
and if someone snored, and it makes somebody up, the woke up person was allowed to push the button...

and few min later, there might be a victim also...

then, let's say, more than half person said he is noisy,
system can wake him up :)

let's wake the one up! so that people get the same feeling...


maybe there are no needs... i mean, there are few merit to have it for everybody.. but me, actually i think i want to have it...

Thank you for reading :)
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Birthday surprising at Airport

Hints from Spanair -Unexpected luggage

I like these kind of videos...

and what if there are some airlines which can provide some present when they book the flight around birthday??
they have a birthday info, age, gender, and stuff so on,
so i think it would be possible for airport to give some present :)

Thank you for reading :)
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A solution for Airport luggage problems

I think... this photo is really powerful to describe the problem of the luggage at airport...

though... it might be good not to publish this photo...
(If i had to remove this one, please tell me><, thanks in advance)

not only losing, but also waiting for a luggage is one of the problem to travel by plane ...

then, what i thought is.... make a luggage carrier the seat in order to bring our luggage inside the plane
I think there are some security problems, but what if we can not open the carrier after scanning? maybe it is the same security method now :)

then, we don't lose our luggage, we don't need to wait for a long time, the limit of the weight might be able to  be larger... might be good :)

though... i know, it is a bit silly idea though :(

Thank you for reading :)
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Video chat for Distant Team Work

Skype is... for me, great innovation

As I am now participating in ME310 program, I have experienced "distant team working" a lot...
The team was composed by 4 people in paris, and 4 people in finland in my case...
then work on the same project with 8 team members

At that time, skype does a great job of course...

but the thing is, no matter what kind of video call we use, when we have to set up some computer and staff so on, it seems... all of our team has to attend, and through the computer, we can not develop something... just only inform and plan for something...
even though it is between friends, it makes call somehow formal

If we need to work together, google doc works quite well, but only for write something only...
if it is only between one and one, we can manage with sharing screen, or we can do what ever we want...

then  what i thought is
what if we can have some calling system that always connected to distant team member??
so that we can share everything

and what if we can carry the cameras, and share what we are seeing through a projection system?

Portable camera and projector

some of them can share the camera and projector, so that we can do brainstorm and so on :)

Communicating between person A and person B
I think... it is possible to make the range of the camera and projector the same...  non?

I knew there are some table with screen, which enable us to share everything on the table, and move easily... but the data is still digital, and i think it makes communication harder.

and also, i would like to have the screen system like this.

this is the screen which only reflects the lights of the projector.
It might be nicer if projector itself can have the function like this :)

and portable camera exist also
 (not projector)

Thank you for reading :)
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Alert Display in a Car

There are various of alert system in a car with display like this (referred from here )

But... I don't know, when something dangerous happen to us, i don't think we can see the displays...
that is why many devices are trying to do it with sounds, and others which are non-visual info

but what i thought today is... there might be a display, which was seen when the accident was happened / or about to happen...
that is... mobile phone

Then, what if we could connect our mobile to the sensor technologies in a car, so that phones will alert us emergency??
using mobile while driving (though it might be prohibited)

Alert appears when sensor detect something

hmm, would be nice^^
even though in many countries prohibit us to use mobile in cars, there definitely are a lot of people who are using mobiles in their cars...

Thank you for reading :)
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The Personal Best 5 Ideas in April

1. Airport Cart Problem findingMost of the child ride on the airport cart (or ride on a baggage which is on the cart), maybe more than 80% of families...
maybe we can have some hint from shopping cart in supermarket.

2. NEW CARAFE design: access free fountain on a table
Wherever you put your glass on the fountain, (if not possible, lets say there are 4 points to get water) you can get the water from upside...

3. Computer Interface/ keyboard and touch pad at the same time 
What if we can control our cursor with moving our finger on the surface of the keyboard as we do with the touch pad in laptop?

4. Language Fileter in Twitter (or in Facebook)
What if we could have language filter??? like "show only French" or "show only Japanese and English" maybe google translate is able to recognize what the language is, so... technically, it is possible

5. Facebook "Like" button on Real life products
What if a usual products, like laundry machines, refrigerators, or even books or shoes could have a button "like", so that we can share the product?

A Display on A Car's Roof with Network

Today's idea is about a car.

I will show you the idea first, and explain the reasons why it is needed.

the Idea is attaching a display on a car roof, and show whatever the person behind want using network...
for example, movie...  In order to let them know or to get their attention, when something happen, or when it comes to turning point for them, the display shows some other thing: turn right at next corner, the car was stopped, or the traffic light became red...

I dare say, the car in front, so that we can switch the car in any cases :)

watching movie on the roof of the car in front

seeing a navigation when needed

the reasons behind are... people are seeing the car in front while they are driving, i think
and for example, when we are with our friends, the others than drivers can see movies or do anything they want, but rarely drivers...
then, what if drivers just need to see the displays, in order to go to their destinations and sharing exciting moment with riders at the same time???...

and it might be linked to previous post
[Finding a person who knows what we want to know]
people don't need to see the navigation, but just follow the car who knows the route instead...

Thank you for reading :)
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Vocabulary lists from Twitter| Support for Learning English Words

As I said before, or as you can see, my English is not that good...

I bought a vocabulary list today, to learn English :)
Buying a vocabulary list is really easy, maybe this is the 4th or 5th time for me to buy vocabulary lists...
and non of them are of course completed....

What i think when i was learning, or remembering vocabulary is...
"Is it really important????" and "give me only useful word! i just want to talk fluently, not need to be able to read super-intelligent book!!!"
I know i need to remember, but as you will see, most of the vocabulary lists are for tests :( and the fact makes me think that way strongly

Then, what i thought would be interesting is that...
Making a vocabulary list from twitter!
only the "many tweeted words" (except the,  a,  is and other basic words) was summarized, and show it to users...

I think it would be easy enough to divide into levels...

then, we might be able to learn efficiently :)

hmm.... actually today and yesterday's idea are kind of... cheep :p but.... maybe continuing would be important!

Thank you for reading :)
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Key shape USB key, 1 place for 1 usb key

Things we always bring nowadays are
  • Mobile
  • Wallet
  • Key
the tree things....
and now, mobile has various of functions, and almost everything, we can do with our phone....
and one of other things, that you probably bring always when you go to work or go to school would be... USB key, isn't it?
and following pictures are the design idea that was presented here

Depending on the place, they change the usb key to use. for example, at office, and at private place :)

it would be nice, because we do not need to confuse where the file is, and also for virus.. maybe private computers are not that protected compare to the office computers...

then... if there are some needs to change the usb key depending on where they are, it would be nicer if we can integrate with following

and here, the usb key is only for usb key, but how about we can create a thing that is house key, and usb key at the same time... maybe most of you can tell which is the key for house, or office, or school, or other places, so they can easily chose the usb keys for appropriate place :)

Thank you for reading :)
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A Vertical Display laptop

As i saw some people using his second display with vertical shape,
i was wondering why there is no vertical screen laptop???

I am sure that many of the people who use tablet pc, is using their tablet in vertical ways...
it is... more normal, if we read some article, write some document, because these are meant to be continue to vertical way...

Of course, when we see a movie, or when we do something other than reading or writing, it might be better to have it in wide way....
though.... i just thought some of the company can create some computer which enable us to change into both vertical, and horizontal ways...

but yes, for laptop, the main needs should be light and easy to carry, and no needs for additional thing that makes it larger.....

but :(

Thank you for reading :)
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Finding a person who knows what we want to know

Since there are huge amount of data come across this world, many people can access to data, and many people can learn about anything...
But... for me, sometimes it is not that important to learn about something. Not all people should be a expert in my opinion.

I will explain with a simple example.

If i want to go to a Place A, i need to search the metros and how to transit and what road i should take after getting off the station... but... even these things, we don't need to search it now a days...

What if we can see some people who are going to go the same direction as me? i just need to follow him.

It can be more smaller place, like which exit should i take.. in these case, i am sure that there are some people who is going the near place.

 finding/searching what we want to know

finding/searching a person who knows what we want to know

It can be a situation when i get off the airplane in unfamiliar airport, if i could find somebody who will take the same train, i can follow those :)

and it might be good as well to know what station each people leave in rush hour in a train, so that we could have a seat :p

Today's idea is a bit ambiguous, but what i thought is in some cases, we should find a people who knows more than me, rather than finding a data in internet.

My country's nuclear problem was typical thing for that. Since i could not trust all the information, i searched and learned how the nuclear plant was build, and what the mechanism is, (of course briefly) and make me calm...
It would be nicer if i can find a right person who give us information

this idea especially works in both ways,
1. when the thing is really complicated
2. when the thing is not worth searching it, but it would be better if we could get the information.

it can be in a restaurant, whose menu is in foreign language.. if i could see the number of people who ordered in a menu, i could chose it easily :)

maybe there were some search engine which enable to search people... with some topic... but i could not find the url, but the idea might be an extension of that

Thank you for reading :)
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