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when you review papers or your diary, i guess you sometimes overview whole pages quickly, and pick up one page randomly to read whole content.

but actually, i think it is not random... some part of the page has some attractive points, then that is why you chose that page to read

and i just thought if we could review blogs like the way we do with real diary or book, it would be nicer.

cos the way we search blogs now is not that good. we can not see any part of the pages, we can not see how long the blog is, and so on; most of the information the blog has is not being shown in the searching result
actually, it takes less than 1 second to overview how long the blog is, what kind of figure they use, how large the letters are, and so on.

then i just thought it would be nice if we could search the blogs like mac's folder's one function

then we might be able to add or integrate ordinal search result like

----EDIT at 15th Aug----
just found what i said in this blog later.

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Twitter for job

Twitter Job Hustle from Wonder Years on Vimeo.

haha, that video is really funny :) using twitter, they tried to get a job.
today's idea is not like that video, but i know some of my friend got internships through twitter, or facebook and other SNSs.

yes, that way of hiring is now being focused.

then i just wondered LinkedIn. i think it is powerful. when i asked a question "what is LinkedIn?" then the answer is always "something like facebook, but for job".

but for me, i can not use LinkedIn... of course i have an account, but i really hesitate to use or post something on LinkedIn...

but imagine, what if we could have "something like twitter, for job"... at least for me. it is easy to use.

I know some companies try to find some people using twitter, but it could be nice if we could have a web service that is like twitter, but for job hunt, or show what kind of people we are, mainly focusing on job side.

and it would be nicer if we could have profile page on the sns :) then it would be easier to understand who the one is.

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Doki-Doki sensor; the sensor to measure how exciting the girl is

doki-doki is a japanese expression that represents the sounds of heart beating

with that information, you might be able to understand the meaning of the doki-doki sensor...

before explaining today's idea, i want you to watch following video

this measures the flow of the blood.

then, if the technology spreads, it might be a part of mobile, and always measures one's health.
but if we could access to other person's sensor, or at least, if we could get some signal if the one's heart is beating faster, the date would be more exciting for guys...

without the girl's saying good or bad, they can feel, or see whether she got excited or not, through those signals...

I know, i can not keep writing this post, it's really silly... but could be funny if we/something could understand one's emotion :)

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Capturing Refrigerators

this idea is really nice :)

but for me, the only merit is access from distant places...
especially when we are in super market, we would like to know what do we already have, and what we are missing...

i couldn't get how this technology get to know data inside fridge, but only thing i wanna know is not expiration date, but "what is inside the fridge?"

so it might be nice if we have fridge scanner, and we can access to that image wherever we are.
that might be cheaper and efficient :)

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new way of showing the searching result

now many people are saying that
search engine of the next generation is utilizing the power of social!!

of course, i agree with it... but is it the only focus??? i will be doubtful...

i mean, if we search for something, the result shown up is always like this

i know there are some add-on for firefox that shows the thumbnail of the website next to the text, but... the way of showing is always like that.
of course there are image search, and so on, but normal result from for example yahoo, msn, and any other searching engine is showing in almost the same way

but do you think it is the best way to show the result??

of course, i know it is much important to find the way to show the result in the order user wants than how to show the result, but i think if we could have really efficient way to show, user will be careless about the result order...

now, the only thing that we can find from searching result is title and short text
but sometimes, at least for me, even though it contains really good information for me, some website is not attractive, or feel not to read...

but it might be interesting if there are some new ways of showing result, what i found today is TED's website is something interesting

the website visited often could be shown larger, or the website people stay longer could be shown larger, or... there must be a lot of ways to show, but for me,
the way TED took was a little bit interesting... showing some videos smaller, showing some bigger.

and searching is always active action (?? the thing you have to choose what to do next) whereas analog life is more passive.
only make something big/small makes the way a little bit passive i feel. so... i wanna have that function in new searching result!
and not by clicking them, but just putting our cursors on gives us some additional information. that might be also good for us :)

also, amazon's recommendation makes something passive for us, and it might be interesting if the searching result also says or shows some related websites or recommendation :)

or... have you ever open the links in different tabs???
it might be interesting if we have some button next to the result as kind of "candidates" and we can see those website later without changing the tabs
just like facebok's image :p just press -> changes to the next website

there must be a lot of ways to show!

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Portable charger

shaking something makes electricity...
in following video, even in japanese, i couldn't got the meaning what he is saying...

I think it will not be "my" idea, but it would be interesting if we could have this function in our mobile phone

in japan, we have tons of

those.. this is a portable charger for mobile.
but if the phone itself has that video's function,
phone is something being shaken always, so it would be nice :p
i don't know how powerful it is, but it will be really great :)

but of course there must be tons of ways to utilize that function, so...
today's idea is a bit meaningless ><

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Language property in google +

just like this previous post, it would be nicer if the circle in google+ has "language property"

and every post will be automatically filtered or determined which circle the post can belong to...

i have a lot of international friends, and it is often determined by group which language i should use. when i use japanese, i dont want to disturb my friends wall for example in facebook, twitter, and so on.

and google+ has possibility to make it easier, because it is often the groups(i mean circles in google+ word/world) which sets my language to speak.

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facebook/skype online info/ gmail recieving info

this would be similar to the previous post;

KNIdea: Small signal for distance places

that was, communicating with their gf/bf, using ambiguous communication tool.
sending the paired object's information

today's idea is using almost same idea, about sending "internet information"
like facebook, skype, gmail

in detail, for example, what if we could have a domino which has our friends' (in facebook) face picture. and it turn over when the friend went offline, or stand when the friend comes online.
we can confirm those information from website or software, but it means always from display. we have no choice to confirm those info without turning on the computer, even the g-mails

then, what if we could have dominos like this??

then, we could confirm whether your friends are online or not

or we could confirm whether we've got e-mail or not, without connecting to the internet (i mean the computers)

or it can be designed like this :p


Small signal for distance places

haha, it is really cute....
i have no idea how to spread this idea, but it gives me some hints, or some inspiration for today's idea.

when i got a mobile at the first time, or before getting the first mobile i was thinking that e-mail is something really useful, and it never forces people to reply immediately, that means receiver has their own choice when they replies.

but nowadays, e-mail is something bothering sometimes. the number of e-mails are increasing, and some e-mail requires really quick response. that makes us stick to the computers....

it is also reach to the couples. let's say, i want to call to my girlfriend, and gave a call, but she didn't reply. then i might send an e-mail such like " can you have a call when you have a time?"
then, it increase the number of e-mails, and becomes a reason bothering my girlfriend...

ah,,, needless to say, but i don't have girlfriend now though... lol

then, what if we could have small tangible staff on our desk, and it has really small signal communication... like tangible "poke" system.
for example, having cube with colors, or having a book that says "call me" or something, and every action towards the object will transfer to distant girlfriend's place... then we can find they are at home or they have time or not or... we can inform that "i want you to care me!!!" .... without (hopefully) bother each other

hmm.... it is hard to explain, and i have no idea whether it works or not.
but isn't it cute or funny if we could communicate using tools like something in the video above??  ; one falls the domino, and one stand that, it is definitely communicating something.
in short, my interest is having tangible communication tool instead of existing, e-mail, call or skype.


wearable video recorder

today's idea is about video recorder.
what i thought of the problem is, real time recording in specific situation; sports, concert, and so on.
then, what is the problem there??

imagine you were using video recorder, in order to record your child's soccer game. and you are thinking of having really good film for the future.
then, you won't be able to leave your focus from the video recorder's display. it means, you can not watch your child's game directly, only through your display.

same thing happen when you were in concert, and the main person is moving around, and he/she came just in front of you.
then, there is only one option you can take, whether taking picture instead of touching him/her, or touching him/her instead of picturing.
there's no choice to take both of the options.

then, i thought there should be solutions for that, and today's idea is for that.
actually similar post was here (hints from Video glasses, and portable printers) as well, but this time, it is a bit different.
the design is something like that

maybe it needs a lot of prototypes.... i mean it is not the final product, but im thinking basically like this.
of course, one opinion i will get from prototypes must be "feedback"; whether filming or not, where the video is aiming at, and so on.
the solution might be something like this, (from dragonball lol)

or can be a separate display like mobile phone....

but still, we need to develop, but i think it could satisfy user's need very much....

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Twitter Path

sometimes, like when japanese earthquake happened, twitter takes great role.

to inform many people...

but at the same time, it means "wrong information" or "old information" will be spread spontaneously.

in order to deal with those, it might be interesting if we could see the "path" of one tweet. not only "official retweet" but also "un-official retweet" (which uses RT: @--- xxx)

that's interesting just seeing, and also we can confirm where the resource is.
and if somebody find the information was wrong, we can inform people using exactly the same path.

problem behind is, when twitter or tv program broadcast wrong information, and even though they apologize after, we can not say, the apologize will achieve to the same people.

so... at least on twitter, it might be good to have those path thing as a function

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online shop book

as i mentioned in Before Augmented Reality comes to the daily life there should be a step before AR coming to our real life.

today's idea is similar to the previous post, but extracting digital world's component into real world.

the idea is having "online shop book"
maybe you had experienced reading some articles or books, and had seen some product in it.
then, it would be nice if some companies ship the product just by reading QR code or RFID through our smart phones. and if we registered your payment information and address, we can use it in multiple books or shops (which i posted in the previous post)

what is different between real online shop and the "online shop book?"
that might not really different, and might become a competitor...
but sometimes, at least for me, world in digital bother me.
reading physical books brings sometimes better experience.

and also that's diffidently easier for elderly person if there are physical book than online

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Before Augmented Reality comes to the daily life

before writing about today's idea... i have to excuse about having no update recently...
the last update was.... maybe  the beginning of June... but i will continue posting from today!!
i was just being lazy...
actually i could say i was busy because it was my end of the 1 year project, and i had to travel finland, us, paris, and had important presentation in stanford and enpc in paris....
and i have to move out from paris, and going back to japan...
but being  busy must not be any excuse, i know...
but anyway, i will start again!!

today's idea is inspired from here

this is actually really nice idea i can say...
QR codes (like following pictures) are i think not that popular in europ or other countries compared with korea or japan, but the concept itself can be achieved without this one, like ic tags, rfids, and so on. (though QR code seems  the cheapest...)

the concept is, easy-access from real world to digital world, in my understanding.
and now, there is a little bit similar concept, so-called AR.

AR is i think very good idea and concept, and the thing is as i said, a bit similar to the first video's concept: in terms of bringing users from
real world to digital world.

but as you can see, the entrance of the digital world is a bit different. and those can be regarded as interfaces between real world and digital world, and following 2 figures explains where the border of the 2 worlds are.

the border of digital world and real world with AR technology

the border of digital world and real world in first video's concept

of course we are living in real world. so it must be easier for us to have interface in our real life than in digital life.
so in my opinion,  AR is too early. we have to wait for 3 years or more, waiting for the new concept that the first video brought spread. i mean wait for users to get used to play with physical/real-life interface which brings users into digital world from real world

today's idea is simple, but having something like first video's ones in any shops, ideally on price tags or shelves; shops for clothes, shoes, or furniture, daily things, and so on

the merit will be for example when you are traveling, and find something good, but you dont want to bring it back because of the limit of the luggage or just being lazy because it is heavy. then if the application or something remembers your address, payment info, and so on, you don't need to fill the documents to ship it, you dont need to pay it there, you don't need to cue for the payment, and you dont need to bring it back. (or you don't need to prepare cash of that countries)

that would be.... nicer, i think^^
of course, the difference between online shop and that idea is that customer can actually see and touch the product, and user can trust more^^

Thank you for reading :)
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