Twitter for job

Twitter Job Hustle from Wonder Years on Vimeo.

haha, that video is really funny :) using twitter, they tried to get a job.
today's idea is not like that video, but i know some of my friend got internships through twitter, or facebook and other SNSs.

yes, that way of hiring is now being focused.

then i just wondered LinkedIn. i think it is powerful. when i asked a question "what is LinkedIn?" then the answer is always "something like facebook, but for job".

but for me, i can not use LinkedIn... of course i have an account, but i really hesitate to use or post something on LinkedIn...

but imagine, what if we could have "something like twitter, for job"... at least for me. it is easy to use.

I know some companies try to find some people using twitter, but it could be nice if we could have a web service that is like twitter, but for job hunt, or show what kind of people we are, mainly focusing on job side.

and it would be nicer if we could have profile page on the sns :) then it would be easier to understand who the one is.

Thank you for reading :)
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  1. It's really interesting.
    I'm still trying to imagine what might look like, a twitter like job hunting website.
    And by the way you should maybe reconsider Linkedin :-) . it's a powerful networking tool. I haven't really tested it in job seeking. But I've got a real interesting contact with researchers and professionals when I was working on my graduate intership in the R&D field.
    Yet I know of a web site wich is specialised in helping people to get hired via Linkedin. You can check it out here : http://www.befoundbehired.com/

    Nice idea anyway :-)



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