Facebook "Like" button on Real life products

Since most of the website, including this blog has a button "like" which facebook provides.

It is great that no body in facebook asked other people to attach the button on their website, they rather want to put it spontaneously... and they know it will make their website more valuable...

Then, what i thought is that (maybe people in facebook might think about that) what if a usual products, like laundry machines, refrigerators, or even books or shoes could have a button "like", so that we can share the product!

I remember the day i bought a little bit expensive (for me, student) bed, and i wanted to share that with my friend, but i was lazy enough not to take a picture and upload it to SNSs...

maybe near day, we will have a wifi-everywhere-environment. then what if packages of products, or products themselves, or even a shop or restaurant has "like button" in physical ways as well as the websites now???

Maybe it would be really nice, i would like to use it :)

Is it too futuristic story????
As for the technical aspect, actually it is possible with current technology.
There are various of ways to realize it, i think (though it might not "cost-efficient)
For some expensive products, like consumer electronic, it might be possible... but as for non-expensive product, i mean like book or foods, we have to think about better way to realize it..

we might be able to do that through our phone, if we could get the api of google goggles.
Maybe they can recognize the product through the picture, but more accurate if we use bar-code,  and it would bring the concept in real life :)

Or like one of the greatest ideas named "six sense" in TED (see one of the videos that i referred here), we could make it :) (maybe it will be also in the future though :p)

oh, i usually write my idea first, and later i searched whether the idea exist or not... and of course, it exist ... :(  a bit different from what i thought, but in exhibition, it is enough :) 

but we need.. or i want to make it closer to users :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Pillow with Mobile Pocket

Maybe... most of us uses their phone on our bed just before sleeping...
some of you use it for alarm to get off early.

But i think in most of the cases, no body has right place to put their phone, and maybe just put it on their bed

it sometimes cause fall off the phone on the ground,
or some of you had an experience which you cover the phone with your body, and could not hear the sound of the alarm

then... what i thought is... design of the pillow which has a pocket for mobile

some people dont want to be disturbed by the phone,,,, but for me, it is good place...
i can hear alarm, and i dont need to see it to put/pick it up

it would be nicer if i think about the charger... the right bottom figure is my effort to think about it :p

and i just got an opinion about that from my friend... and he doesn't want to have some SOLID thing near pillow... so there might be different possibilities like following

We can operate with only one hand ( especially smart phones)

Thank you for reading :)
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A Solution for awkward situation in Elevator/ Lift

Some people agree on this situation: when we are in an elevator, there sometimes are situations like, i am in a hurry, and will go to the 4th floor from ground floor by a elevator, and just before the elevator going up, another people come in...
and he push the button "1st floor" or "2nd floor"


I don't feel good, or... i might think "hey, come on, you can use stairs for the 1st floor!"

hmm... i am too bad person if i write like this...

so let's say the opposite situation.
I run into an elevator, and i was planning to go to 1st floor, but there was already a guy who was going to go to 4th floor... then, i feel like... awkward, or feeling sorry for him...

In order to avoid that situation, there is a simple solution....

just have a light of the floor people inside would go out.
then, i don't need to run, and can use stairs for the 1st floor ^^

it is really good both physically and mentally :p


Now...we can not see the floor which the others go out like this pic

Then, it will cause some bad feeling situation......
But if we can have some solutions like this

we will never have such a feeling...

hehehe :p too silly idea ><

And.... if the guy who was first inside the elevator was going to go to 1st floor, and the next guy was going to 4th floor... the solution is not good for them.....
so... the solution needs to be better...

and there seems some elevators which make us input the destination floor before getting in (i mean while waiting), and kind of optimize the elevators which floor to go for each elevators...

It would help us also, but the sign should be bigger :p

oh, the website i put is in japanese, but... it's really nice :) it is for huge companies, and with their company id touching to some device in entrance, the computer can identify the floor to go, and show them which elevator they should took (from A - G.... ), and kind of optimize the flow of people...

haha, i dont say good design, but good idea i think :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Twitter for NEWS Book

Before introducing my idea of today, i'm gonna explain what i was supposed to present today...
i just searched it, and it exist here...

Yeah... I know... everybody would think about this at least once....

What i was going to say is... integrating the Twitter and TV, like Twitter on TV!

I just watched the Champions League, Barcelona vs Real Madrid with my friends...
It is obvious that it will be much more funny when we watch those kind of sports match with our friends.
Then, what i thought is Setting some Official twitter tag of the TV show, and we can tweet to the match with that tag, so that people can share what others are saying, even if they are alone. and we can watch it with a kind of special TV. (or some company would love to do without any special tv :p)
And with that, if we could analyze or get some information about users, we could probably analyze how many people are watching that, and what the average ages are... and so on. it is also good for TV companies.

Or... if technology developed, there might be a "voice Twitter", then it might enhance the TV experience.... (Though im not sure even I would use it...)

But yes, this idea is mostly the same as the previous url, so.... i have to say something else...

Today's idea is really simple...
I saw some people, who is using twitter just to reviewing the news. They tweet about some news, so that they can see the news later.

Since the meaning of 140 letters is reeeeeally different from English and Japanese, (I mean Japanese can include more than 3 times as much information as English) we didn't had the same feeling... but someone said that (maybe... contents were like that),

Google is for data
Facebook is for friends
Twitter is for news

... it might be true :) so we can use twitter for news!!!
So, the idea is simple. an application or website which is summarizing or showing the tweeted news by your friend, or any people using twitter, and shows "the most tweeted news..." or "the latest tweeted news"... etc. then it might be good to have some language filter also, as i posted before

Maybe there are some mobile application that is only for tweeted images by own friends...
this is similar idea, but only for the tweeted news :)

Hmm, it would be nice :) hope this is not currently existing... :p

Thank you for reading :)
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A white board for the neighbers in each phone or computer

The application shown in this web site
was really interesting for me :)

This is really brand new concept.
we can share the image, videos, and text with the people who are close to the users, and using the same application.

and this gave me a hints for today's idea :)

Since... all of existing SNSs are focused on the link between friends and friends, then, what is new of this idea is... the connected persons are not necessarily friends!

That would be super, and i really like the idea!

and i was just thinking how we can use this idea more efficiently...

it is not kind of NEW, because i just referred this great idea...

but i surely use this kind of service if it is for hostel or something!

I went to barcelona before, and the hostel there was really nice...
with pub coloring we made a lot of friends, and these are nice opportunities to get friends from all over the world^^

then, what if we could share all information only in the hostel,
for example some people says
" hey, i'm thinking to go to this club tonight"
then, some of the people might answer
" sounds nice! then see you at entrance in 11 pm"

or something like that :) i don't know what you think, but for me, only the fact which is just "staying in a same place" is enough to be close, or to be with!

And with the same mechanism, we can apply it for condominiums or somewhere else, where people are together, but not frequently having communication...
" Oh, i will move here in 1 month, does anyone want to have my shelf?"
" My baby is becoming big, so does anyone want to have under 3 months-baby cloths??"

or something like that^^

this is like... a white board in their phone. and the right to see or right to write is just being near there, or inside the same building^^ this is more natural, as the board is originally like that

Thank you for reading :)
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Facebook's E-mail, twitter's e-mail

I think... the e-mail of xxx@facebook has been already available now....

I don't know much about the function they provide, but today's idea might be really similar to that idea

Some of the people responds much faster in facebook/twitter than e-mail, when i ask something. so do i actually...

Besides, there are some function in twitter or facebook which sends e-mail to individuals when they got a new (important) information: xxx followed you, or xxx send an message to you, or something.

therefore, what if the facebook or twitter can inform us the existence of the e-mail, and we can read e-mail via facebook or twitter, when the e-mail was linked to friends/followers in facebook/twitter.

if it is official or related to important things, we can reply it via e-mail, and if its not, we can use twitter or facebook to reply! (and it goes both twitter/facebook and e-mail?)

I don't know how it works, but for me, it might be useful to reply :)

Now it is only like this

proposal is like this

Thank you for reading :)
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Compact bag carryer for supermarket

It takes 10 min to go to the nearest supermarket on foot for me.

and sometimes, i buy really a lot... of course these cases, i fed up bringing all the heavy thing from supermarket to my home...

i always bring my bag for supermarket...
then... what if we have something like following pic??

haha, tooooo ugly pic...
but the concept is that, we can make it really compact, and once it is extended, it has enough height to hold by hands with the wheel attaching on the ground...

with extensible bar, and folded board...  

maybe i need to do some prototype, but i think only one wheel is enough to support... and hopefully we can make it enough small to fit in a pocket :)

there are some product like

but the concept is more like... don't disturb users while they are bringing the carryer...

ah... and yes, i have to think about the center of gravity, the pic i made is too.... bad actually in terms of the center of gravity :p

Thank you for reading :)
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Language Fileter in Twitter (or in Facebook)

Nowadays, SNS connect many people around the world...
I use facebook, twitter, and mixi (that is Japanese domestic SNS)

I don't know about the others, but for me, the SNS has some target friend.

Twitter is more like for Friends in my Japanese university,
and mixi is for my high school student...
As for facebook, it is more general, now it is getting for everybody, but for me, it used to be for the people whom i met in abroad

I might mention about my idea how to integrate these, or how to make it easy to do "targeting" in the same sns in the future.

But today,  i will say, or complain about twitter or facebook.
In twitter now i have approximately 90 followers, including japanese, american, and french.

One thing that I feel so sorry is my tweets are almost in Japanese, and sometimes English.
then... of course, it must be really annoying to have the TL all in unknown language for my friends! but as the ones are my friends, so they cant un-follow me...
Or even for me in Facebook, i have a lot of foreign countries friends, korea, thai, france, america, morocco...
sometimes i feel not so good when my news feed is filled with unknown language...
if its include picture, then it is ok though

then, what if we could have language filter??? like "show only French" or "show only Japanese and English" maybe google translate is able to recognize what the language is, so... technically, it is possible i think :)

Thank you for reading :)
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NEW CARAFE design: access free fountain on a table

Today's idea is... if i draw it, it would be like following pic

I was just wondering whether we would be able to have these kind of things in our table...
it is supposed to be placed in the center of the table.
The problem i focused on is... when several number of people are surrounding a table and eating together, maybe most of you will bring a bottle or carafe on the table. and people have to pass the carafe to get water, bring it up, pouring.... it sometimes annoyed us, i think

so, what if we could have an access free fountain like the picture??? at the center of the device there is a bottle, you can change water there, and wherever you put your glass on the fountain, (if not possible, lets say there are 4 points to get water) you can get the water from upside..... and it has some battery (or connected to the AC adopter), so we can get cold water in any time :)
then we dont need to pass bottles or carafe, and even more, we dont need to carry up the bottles to pour water.

Maybe occasions of drinking water includes while we are studying...
so if it is small enough, we could put it at the working desk, and bring any places we want :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Youtube function, giving video series in right order

I sometimes saw this guy's youtube channel

It is... yes, i think some of you would like it, and some would not .... for me, it is funy, and i think i can practice my listening skill without any effort :p

the thing that i realized after put his channel as my favorite was that... if he uploaded his new videos once a 2 days or 3days, i could continue to see it for a long period....

then... it might be interesting to have 1 video of each favorite channels appear once a day, i mean not only the new one appears, but also we could have some videos in the right order.
especially in Language learning, or seeing some animations or tv series, (it might be prohibited though...), I can watch it really continuously without spending a lot of time to search it :) and I am sure that it helps me with continuing for a long period (and as for tv series, we might prevent from seeing for a long time in a day :p)

this day, lesson 1, next day, lesson2.... something like that, it would be nicer :)

or... are there some functions like that??? hmm then... sorry :p

Thank you for reading :)
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Put Historis of Dictionary into Flashcards

As i am learning english, i sometimes tried to use flashcards to remember english words

Anki is one of the famous flashcard for computer, and i have once used this also... but now rarely use it
cos I got bored to put some words in it...

But even if some databases supplies us many amount of words, and even if we remember most of those,  we still need to use a dictionary.
And most of the cases, the words which i searched for in a dictionary come more often in our daily life than in databases....

So,,, what if dictionary has auto-flashcard creating function?? If we once search it, the dictionary remembers not only as a history but makes a flashcard automatically ;) the flashcards' interface can be like anki ^^ it can be add-function of normal dictionary in our computer, or if even online dictionary can do that, it would be much nicer :)

Thank you for reading :)
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Non-Frame Display

many people use display as multi-display

so... what if we could have non-frame display???
it would be nice :)

impossible??? hmmm

hints from Video glasses, and portable printers

I just saw an article,

Polaroid's Lady Gaga Tech: Cameras, Video Glasses

something like  those

one is portable printer, and another one is glass with camera and videos, and the last one is (maybe) so-called Polaroid camera (with a lot of function), i think

Video streaming by Ustream

The products here solves a lot of problems that we currently have actually i think.

As i mentioned here before, current camera has many problems...

for example, while parents watching the football game of their children, if they take the roll of taking a video, they would never clap their hands, or can watch them only through the display...

In that sense,  the sun glasses camera brought by Lady gaga was really great idea i think.

or... if i dare say, the second best nest to this idea...

and... yes, there are various of ways to solve the current camera's problem

and maybe i will try to come up with some ideas to solve that also.

but today, what i will give you as an idea is more simple...

i think that is true that people want to print without connecting current big printers...
sometimes it can be in the Mac Donald, or in the airport or any places...

so, what if we can have some printer just under the laptop or tablet like iPad???
as i saw in the first video, it seems that it might be possible to make it really small....

or... not print, but scanning.... now we have a period to avoid having paper materials, so what if we can easily scan with computer and save it instantly... we have camera, but scan is much better i think....

hmm.... am i dreaming too much?? yes, a bit unfair just adding some function to existing product....  i might not say it as new idea :p
but for me, the printer or scanner is more like set with computer ! (or cameras :p)

Computer Interface/ keyboard and touch pad at the sametime

Following is the video of 2009's (or 2008?) mobile phone in Japan.

sorry, the advertisement is in Japanese, but you can see the function which enable the keyboard to be used as a touch screen...
Hmm... i dont know how to say it appropriately though...

see the video below

This came to market right after the iPhone came i think...
while many companies tried to make touch screen, this company went to different way.

maybe one of the needs behind is that, many japanese were suspicious about whether we can keep the screen clean or not

I think it is really interesting idea for computers....

I mean, what if we only have a keyboard instead of "mouse and keyboard" or "touch pad and keyboard"?

and we can control our cursor with moving our finger on the surface of the keyboard as we do with the touch pad in laptop.
and we can click with tapping the surface also, and we can type if we press the button solidly.... or just pressing one button which changes into cursor -> typing, typing -> cursor since we don't really use it at the really same time...

hmmm.... maybe it will cause some problems, but as thinkpad do, it would be good if we can have some controllers near keyboards, so that we could type and move cursor at the same time :)

I'm using mac book though... i can understand the feeling who loves think pad :)


Airport Cart Problem finding

After coming to france to study, thanks to the "EU", the number of taking airplane increase a lot for me.

The picture below is the one I took when i went to Finland for the project trip

as you can see, there are two types of problems, though these are not "critical", it might be interesting to find solutions for these.

the first problem is that, most of the child ride on the airport cart (or ride on a baggage which is on the cart), maybe more than 80% of families.
and the second problem is that, if they have baby, they need to carry both baggage and baby cart. If there are a mother and a father, it would not be a problem, one take a baggage, and the other take a baby cart...

but there is only one of the parents, i think it would be a problem...

then, why not solving the problem??

the first one might be much more easy to solve, the simplest solution is to put a chair for child.
maybe we can have some hint from shopping cart in supermarket.
if we want to make it exciting for child, following would be interesting. might be good with plane shape, and of course, make the baggage space much more bigger

and these would be interesting,

haha, and these one also

I don't know, but it might not be a "new idea" but... yes, i dare say it is new! cos there's no airport with those so far as far as i saw :p

and second one... the baby cart & baggage cart at the same time....

might be ok with solutions above, and having some place for baby carts....

Android/iPhone app ideas | Hitchhikaid

This idea was also proposed my another blog "KNLog" before.

i think many people use iPhone or android phone to see a map, or even, to navigate to the destination both while driving or walking. and it is not so far future where many car-navigation system have android os.

Then... the idea of the application is that, when one sets the direction where they want to go, it might be interesting that they can find the car which goes the same direction, and can inform the cars "Please pick me up"....

Of course there are some problem of safety.. and it might bad for taxi industrial... but it is one thing ecological, and.... giving us many opportunities to meet different kind of persons.

I am thinking to have some "review" of the person, like amazon. and it provides us some trust...

and personally, when i were driving a car with that system, i would like to have a button that says " I would like to pick up only young ladies" ... :p

Android/iPhone app ideas | Cheeter's Roulette

Sometimes, we can not decide something to do, or we want to define who should do something funny: singing, drinking, .... and so on

this app idea is that, having some decision-maker roulette, but which never points to owner.

Android/iPhone app ideas | what is my bf/gf doing??

This is one of the idea which i proposed in my another blog "KNLog"

Kind of stolking application. .... hmmm... sounds not good though...

Maybe many teenagers eager to know what their boyfriends/girlfriends are doing when they can not get any response of e-mail or sms for a long time...

I don't know it might be a characteristic of Japanese teenagers... but yes, i think some people feel lonely when they can not get any response...

So the principle of the app is to resistor the people whom you want to know what they are doing.
Checking facebook log in status or their tweets, the application said
"X is near his/her computer just 5 mins ago"

so that people can understand whether one is neglecting or just being away from one's computer or phones...

hehe, i know it is kind of silly idea :p
but since my purpose of my blog is continuing ideation every day...
so please wait for new "good" ideas :)

thank you for reading!


My Design Ideas

I decided to start this blog to post my ideas towards existing product/new ideas

I'm gonna try to post at least one blog every day.

Hope you can enjoy it :)





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