A white board for the neighbers in each phone or computer

The application shown in this web site
was really interesting for me :)

This is really brand new concept.
we can share the image, videos, and text with the people who are close to the users, and using the same application.

and this gave me a hints for today's idea :)

Since... all of existing SNSs are focused on the link between friends and friends, then, what is new of this idea is... the connected persons are not necessarily friends!

That would be super, and i really like the idea!

and i was just thinking how we can use this idea more efficiently...

it is not kind of NEW, because i just referred this great idea...

but i surely use this kind of service if it is for hostel or something!

I went to barcelona before, and the hostel there was really nice...
with pub coloring we made a lot of friends, and these are nice opportunities to get friends from all over the world^^

then, what if we could share all information only in the hostel,
for example some people says
" hey, i'm thinking to go to this club tonight"
then, some of the people might answer
" sounds nice! then see you at entrance in 11 pm"

or something like that :) i don't know what you think, but for me, only the fact which is just "staying in a same place" is enough to be close, or to be with!

And with the same mechanism, we can apply it for condominiums or somewhere else, where people are together, but not frequently having communication...
" Oh, i will move here in 1 month, does anyone want to have my shelf?"
" My baby is becoming big, so does anyone want to have under 3 months-baby cloths??"

or something like that^^

this is like... a white board in their phone. and the right to see or right to write is just being near there, or inside the same building^^ this is more natural, as the board is originally like that

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓

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