Facebook's E-mail, twitter's e-mail

I think... the e-mail of xxx@facebook has been already available now....

I don't know much about the function they provide, but today's idea might be really similar to that idea

Some of the people responds much faster in facebook/twitter than e-mail, when i ask something. so do i actually...

Besides, there are some function in twitter or facebook which sends e-mail to individuals when they got a new (important) information: xxx followed you, or xxx send an message to you, or something.

therefore, what if the facebook or twitter can inform us the existence of the e-mail, and we can read e-mail via facebook or twitter, when the e-mail was linked to friends/followers in facebook/twitter.

if it is official or related to important things, we can reply it via e-mail, and if its not, we can use twitter or facebook to reply! (and it goes both twitter/facebook and e-mail?)

I don't know how it works, but for me, it might be useful to reply :)

Now it is only like this

proposal is like this

Thank you for reading :)
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