Put Historis of Dictionary into Flashcards

As i am learning english, i sometimes tried to use flashcards to remember english words

Anki is one of the famous flashcard for computer, and i have once used this also... but now rarely use it
cos I got bored to put some words in it...

But even if some databases supplies us many amount of words, and even if we remember most of those,  we still need to use a dictionary.
And most of the cases, the words which i searched for in a dictionary come more often in our daily life than in databases....

So,,, what if dictionary has auto-flashcard creating function?? If we once search it, the dictionary remembers not only as a history but makes a flashcard automatically ;) the flashcards' interface can be like anki ^^ it can be add-function of normal dictionary in our computer, or if even online dictionary can do that, it would be much nicer :)

Thank you for reading :)
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