Airport Cart Problem finding

After coming to france to study, thanks to the "EU", the number of taking airplane increase a lot for me.

The picture below is the one I took when i went to Finland for the project trip

as you can see, there are two types of problems, though these are not "critical", it might be interesting to find solutions for these.

the first problem is that, most of the child ride on the airport cart (or ride on a baggage which is on the cart), maybe more than 80% of families.
and the second problem is that, if they have baby, they need to carry both baggage and baby cart. If there are a mother and a father, it would not be a problem, one take a baggage, and the other take a baby cart...

but there is only one of the parents, i think it would be a problem...

then, why not solving the problem??

the first one might be much more easy to solve, the simplest solution is to put a chair for child.
maybe we can have some hint from shopping cart in supermarket.
if we want to make it exciting for child, following would be interesting. might be good with plane shape, and of course, make the baggage space much more bigger

and these would be interesting,

haha, and these one also

I don't know, but it might not be a "new idea" but... yes, i dare say it is new! cos there's no airport with those so far as far as i saw :p

and second one... the baby cart & baggage cart at the same time....

might be ok with solutions above, and having some place for baby carts....

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