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Before introducing my idea of today, i'm gonna explain what i was supposed to present today...
i just searched it, and it exist here...

Yeah... I know... everybody would think about this at least once....

What i was going to say is... integrating the Twitter and TV, like Twitter on TV!

I just watched the Champions League, Barcelona vs Real Madrid with my friends...
It is obvious that it will be much more funny when we watch those kind of sports match with our friends.
Then, what i thought is Setting some Official twitter tag of the TV show, and we can tweet to the match with that tag, so that people can share what others are saying, even if they are alone. and we can watch it with a kind of special TV. (or some company would love to do without any special tv :p)
And with that, if we could analyze or get some information about users, we could probably analyze how many people are watching that, and what the average ages are... and so on. it is also good for TV companies.

Or... if technology developed, there might be a "voice Twitter", then it might enhance the TV experience.... (Though im not sure even I would use it...)

But yes, this idea is mostly the same as the previous url, so.... i have to say something else...

Today's idea is really simple...
I saw some people, who is using twitter just to reviewing the news. They tweet about some news, so that they can see the news later.

Since the meaning of 140 letters is reeeeeally different from English and Japanese, (I mean Japanese can include more than 3 times as much information as English) we didn't had the same feeling... but someone said that (maybe... contents were like that),

Google is for data
Facebook is for friends
Twitter is for news

... it might be true :) so we can use twitter for news!!!
So, the idea is simple. an application or website which is summarizing or showing the tweeted news by your friend, or any people using twitter, and shows "the most tweeted news..." or "the latest tweeted news"... etc. then it might be good to have some language filter also, as i posted before

Maybe there are some mobile application that is only for tweeted images by own friends...
this is similar idea, but only for the tweeted news :)

Hmm, it would be nice :) hope this is not currently existing... :p

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓

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