Capturing Refrigerators

this idea is really nice :)

but for me, the only merit is access from distant places...
especially when we are in super market, we would like to know what do we already have, and what we are missing...

i couldn't get how this technology get to know data inside fridge, but only thing i wanna know is not expiration date, but "what is inside the fridge?"

so it might be nice if we have fridge scanner, and we can access to that image wherever we are.
that might be cheaper and efficient :)

Thank you for reading :)
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1 comment:

  1. Just the right answer to your request Kenji :-)


    This whole thing is working using Radio Frequency Identification and sensors. if you want to know more : http://smartrefrigerator.wordpress.com/proposal-%E2%80%93-technical-description/
    It was one of my favorite subjects during Engineering school. Now, I'm working on something else but still interested :-)



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