new way of showing the searching result

now many people are saying that
search engine of the next generation is utilizing the power of social!!

of course, i agree with it... but is it the only focus??? i will be doubtful...

i mean, if we search for something, the result shown up is always like this

i know there are some add-on for firefox that shows the thumbnail of the website next to the text, but... the way of showing is always like that.
of course there are image search, and so on, but normal result from for example yahoo, msn, and any other searching engine is showing in almost the same way

but do you think it is the best way to show the result??

of course, i know it is much important to find the way to show the result in the order user wants than how to show the result, but i think if we could have really efficient way to show, user will be careless about the result order...

now, the only thing that we can find from searching result is title and short text
but sometimes, at least for me, even though it contains really good information for me, some website is not attractive, or feel not to read...

but it might be interesting if there are some new ways of showing result, what i found today is TED's website is something interesting

the website visited often could be shown larger, or the website people stay longer could be shown larger, or... there must be a lot of ways to show, but for me,
the way TED took was a little bit interesting... showing some videos smaller, showing some bigger.

and searching is always active action (?? the thing you have to choose what to do next) whereas analog life is more passive.
only make something big/small makes the way a little bit passive i feel. so... i wanna have that function in new searching result!
and not by clicking them, but just putting our cursors on gives us some additional information. that might be also good for us :)

also, amazon's recommendation makes something passive for us, and it might be interesting if the searching result also says or shows some related websites or recommendation :)

or... have you ever open the links in different tabs???
it might be interesting if we have some button next to the result as kind of "candidates" and we can see those website later without changing the tabs
just like facebok's image :p just press -> changes to the next website

there must be a lot of ways to show!

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓

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