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as i mentioned in Before Augmented Reality comes to the daily life there should be a step before AR coming to our real life.

today's idea is similar to the previous post, but extracting digital world's component into real world.

the idea is having "online shop book"
maybe you had experienced reading some articles or books, and had seen some product in it.
then, it would be nice if some companies ship the product just by reading QR code or RFID through our smart phones. and if we registered your payment information and address, we can use it in multiple books or shops (which i posted in the previous post)

what is different between real online shop and the "online shop book?"
that might not really different, and might become a competitor...
but sometimes, at least for me, world in digital bother me.
reading physical books brings sometimes better experience.

and also that's diffidently easier for elderly person if there are physical book than online

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓


  1. Yeeees , That's definitely a great Idea.

    Especially for girls :p

    I'm monthly receiving catalogs of various products (Makeup, Accessories, New collection...). And I always found it complicated to : 1-Spot the product, 2- Note the reference, 3- Go to the Web-site, 4- Enter the reference, 5- Add to Cart, ...Endless.

    Oh, I'm already thinking about it : I'm receiving the catalog => (*_*) yes that's my bag => take my phone => Beep beep *Scanning the code* => Haha, confirmed => OK, the shipping process must also become a little faster though! :D


  2. thank you for your comment.
    yes, im actually thinking of starting a business from this, or thinking of finding someone who is thinking of building this idea. i believe this will be a great hit in the world, including the previous post.
    hmm... i don't know how though... but it would be surely interesting!!!


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