Key shape USB key, 1 place for 1 usb key

Things we always bring nowadays are
  • Mobile
  • Wallet
  • Key
the tree things....
and now, mobile has various of functions, and almost everything, we can do with our phone....
and one of other things, that you probably bring always when you go to work or go to school would be... USB key, isn't it?
and following pictures are the design idea that was presented here

Depending on the place, they change the usb key to use. for example, at office, and at private place :)

it would be nice, because we do not need to confuse where the file is, and also for virus.. maybe private computers are not that protected compare to the office computers...

then... if there are some needs to change the usb key depending on where they are, it would be nicer if we can integrate with following

and here, the usb key is only for usb key, but how about we can create a thing that is house key, and usb key at the same time... maybe most of you can tell which is the key for house, or office, or school, or other places, so they can easily chose the usb keys for appropriate place :)

Thank you for reading :)
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