The Personal Best 5 Ideas in April

1. Airport Cart Problem findingMost of the child ride on the airport cart (or ride on a baggage which is on the cart), maybe more than 80% of families...
maybe we can have some hint from shopping cart in supermarket.

2. NEW CARAFE design: access free fountain on a table
Wherever you put your glass on the fountain, (if not possible, lets say there are 4 points to get water) you can get the water from upside...

3. Computer Interface/ keyboard and touch pad at the same time 
What if we can control our cursor with moving our finger on the surface of the keyboard as we do with the touch pad in laptop?

4. Language Fileter in Twitter (or in Facebook)
What if we could have language filter??? like "show only French" or "show only Japanese and English" maybe google translate is able to recognize what the language is, so... technically, it is possible

5. Facebook "Like" button on Real life products
What if a usual products, like laundry machines, refrigerators, or even books or shoes could have a button "like", so that we can share the product?

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