Airport luggage security delay

I just arrived at US today... this time i took 2 flight.... horrible...
because of the delay, i missed 1 transit flight, and the next flight has some fuel problem, and go to another airport to get fuel...
Besides, i couldn't pass through the security gate straightly...
I went to specials room, and wait for 1 hour, and....

but anyway, i arrived!

Today's idea is also about the airport.
small thing about hand luggage security...

the current system is,
1. put off the watches, belts, wallet, mobile, shoes and some other belongings into small box
2. put our hand luggage on
3. put out our computer

or something like that. At that time, especially wearing off the shoes and belts, takes too much time.

then, what i thought is... what if the ground moves corresponding with the place where we put our hand luggage? (a little hard to explain with my vocabulary..  see the picture below)
then, we don't need to walk and we don't need to stop while wearing off the belts and shoes.
I think it would bring us much smoother security passing

Upper is current system, and bottom is my suggestion

Thank you for reading :)
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