A solution for Airport luggage problems

I think... this photo is really powerful to describe the problem of the luggage at airport...

though... it might be good not to publish this photo...
(If i had to remove this one, please tell me><, thanks in advance)

not only losing, but also waiting for a luggage is one of the problem to travel by plane ...

then, what i thought is.... make a luggage carrier the seat in order to bring our luggage inside the plane
I think there are some security problems, but what if we can not open the carrier after scanning? maybe it is the same security method now :)

then, we don't lose our luggage, we don't need to wait for a long time, the limit of the weight might be able to  be larger... might be good :)

though... i know, it is a bit silly idea though :(

Thank you for reading :)
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