Mouse with Vibrating function

Just wonder what if there is a mouse, that has a vibrating function, in order to tell some notifications...
Got an e-mail in certain account, or someone chatted u in facebook, google, skype...

might be interesting to integrate growl

growl とかと連携するのも面白いかも・・・

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Computer Display with Digital Photo Frame Function

I always dreaming to have digital photo frames such like following

it is not that expensive, but not really easy to buy...
and when i imagine the process of usage (i haven't used that though) sometimes we can insert cards, or we will connect to the computer...

then, i just wondered it would be nice if computer display could have digital photo frame function after turning off the computer...
that is i think very simple, just connect the picture folder to display, or having small storage in display.

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Cordless extention of mobile phone

i just found interesting post at

Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet lets you see who’s calling without taking out your phone

the idea is having easy access monitor of mobile phone in their arm...
(of course it is more than that though)

but this idea made me come up with today's idea...

we bring mobile phone everywhere...
but yes, as the author of the blog said, sometimes it is in a deep place in one's bag... then it might be interesting to have a cordless extension of mobile phone.
of course the function is almost the same, and i know you think it is useless...

but what if we could connect ipod and your mobile phone?(though iPhone is something like that :p) or more than that, your headphone/earphone and your mobile? your headphone could become your phone, with bluetooth.
operation and auditory information will be transform via bluetooth. the device that is "calling", i mean using network is your mobile, but the thing that you are using to call/talk is not your phone anymore.

when it will be available? or why did i said something like this??

before answering that, i would like to ask you...
when u use ur phone??

especially for japanese, im sure that many people would say "when i have a time"
the answer would not be "when i want to call." anymore.


the idea is super simple.
make all of the devices being able to call through phone.
can be ipod, can be a watch, or can be something else.

i mean, it would be nice if we could answer the phone with the bracelet or something else which is the closest to u at the moment!
im sure that is not that difficult in terms of technology!



Physical Folders of Local Folder in A Computer

which is easier? finding something on your shelf, or finding something in your local folder on your computer???

it depends on what is "something", and on users...
for some people, i guess it is easier to find something in physical world.

for example, i like making folder with strict rules, it means there are a lot of files that exist in more than 5 folders deeper from home folder... click again and again, and reach to one folder.
but then for me, in physical world, my favorite books/current reading books are always near by me.

then, it might be interesting to have physical folder in our life to access to local folder in our computer. of course it doesn't mean we will have tons of folders, but some of the folders that we use(or used) often.
of course, we can make alias (or short cut) to access easily.
but sometimes it is easier, and for example if touching on them enables to focus on the folder when we are using another application, the operation would be faster.
and for some reasons, the folders that we used to use often (means have a lot of memories) will not be accessed without any reasons later on... however, if we could have something physical, then we might have some opportunities to remember them and seeing through them.

there are of course hard drives or usb memories which is physical, and able to keep data or memories. but in my idea, the contents itself is in one's computer, the physical thing is just for accessing that folder.
... hmmm... can't explain it well, hope u could understand the concept...

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Roulette with several balls

I am now thinking to make a smartphone application which is a roulette, but dislike the others, it has several balls...

the situation that would be used is now thought in a party or some drinking place...

i don't know it is only japanese or international thing... doing some game at drinking places...

decide how many of the people drink, then set the number of ball according to that, and start the roulette....

then the guys pointed by the roulette would drink!

haha, simple game, but if something like that is on a table, i will start using it

actually now what im thinking of is something different from normal roulette, but thinking of having a needle (? or something sharp to point out) and the roulette table is divided into the areas which is defined by the number of the people, then the needle will turn around to point out the area

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Sharing mobile screen

sometimes, when using skype, i really appreciate the function of "sharing the screen"

which is, showing what one is seeing on one's display to the other's display.

as i said in previous post, i actually observed people in macdonald for 5h the day before.
then i found that, people (might be only japanese..) never stop using their mobile....
sometimes they are talking not facing each other, but seeing their own mobile...
sometimes they are showing how great the picture on one's mobile is..( mainly how cool the guy is :p)

then, it might be interesting to have a function in which we can share one's screen to everybody through their mobile.
that is especially useful when one wants to show his picture to his friends. it is always bothersome to pass the phone each time... but if we could share the screen, ( i don't know maybe with bluetooth or something other? bluetooth might not have that protocol to share the image at the sametime... so might be 3g or wifi? hmm....not that sexy...) then, we can talk about the same thing and no need to pass your own mibile!

of course to share something, there must be an idea of projection... but i know some of the company is now developing small projector, so i just avoid to say projector on purpose...

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face history table

in Macdonald, i spend almost 5h being alone.
i had an appointment, but i arrived there too early...

then, i decided to "observe" people in macdonald.

i wrote down things i found more frequently than every 5 mins ( including [that girl is cute])

then,,, i found that

most of the girls are talking about guys, and "that guy is IKEMEN (means cool in japanese)" and showing the picture in their mobile...

then, i found... or might be the thing that i already knew... girls like to talk about guys, and guys also like to talk about girls...

then, today's idea is that...

it would be interesting if we could have a table, which remembers all the people who sat down on the same table, and is able to show with the screen which the table has, so that people can talk about guys and girls...

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Shower head with Shampoo dispenser

Just wondered... we never need to use shower and shampoo at the same time.
otherwise we will waste one of them...

figure shower and shampoo

imagine, we always use shower, and few people who care about the planet or utility fee turn off the shower and take some shampoo, and use it, and then again using shower. at that time, our hands are moving to various of things, shower -> shower switch-> shampoo -> head -> shower switch -> shower -> then body soap -> towel or something to wash our body -> ....

then, today's idea is using shower head as shampoo, or body soap dispenser.
it means any two of them would not come together, then we never waste shampoo or water. besides it is good for lazy persons (in terms of not moving their hands a lot :p)

figure idea

like the figure, all shampoo and water pipe are connected to the shower. and with buttons, we can choose which to use.

hmm... that's true that we use water just warm up the shower room, and when winter, we sometimes left hot water running when we are using shampoo...

so it might not be a good design, but can be like that.

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