Cordless extention of mobile phone

i just found interesting post at

Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet lets you see who’s calling without taking out your phone

the idea is having easy access monitor of mobile phone in their arm...
(of course it is more than that though)

but this idea made me come up with today's idea...

we bring mobile phone everywhere...
but yes, as the author of the blog said, sometimes it is in a deep place in one's bag... then it might be interesting to have a cordless extension of mobile phone.
of course the function is almost the same, and i know you think it is useless...

but what if we could connect ipod and your mobile phone?(though iPhone is something like that :p) or more than that, your headphone/earphone and your mobile? your headphone could become your phone, with bluetooth.
operation and auditory information will be transform via bluetooth. the device that is "calling", i mean using network is your mobile, but the thing that you are using to call/talk is not your phone anymore.

when it will be available? or why did i said something like this??

before answering that, i would like to ask you...
when u use ur phone??

especially for japanese, im sure that many people would say "when i have a time"
the answer would not be "when i want to call." anymore.


the idea is super simple.
make all of the devices being able to call through phone.
can be ipod, can be a watch, or can be something else.

i mean, it would be nice if we could answer the phone with the bracelet or something else which is the closest to u at the moment!
im sure that is not that difficult in terms of technology!


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  1. Haha you remind me of the long hours of brain storming spent during network design labs, it was all about evolving Networks convergence and mobility ...those things gave me headaches :D. But It's clearly one of the main challenge of Telecom trends nowadays , technically speaking and for more global features it's called "session mobility" = service continuity across terminals ( in a user-centric system architecture...blah blah blah :p) Many research papers and technical drafts have described its implementation, now it's up to operators to take it to the next level. Anyway your conception of this idea is great and relevant :-)



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