Sharing mobile screen

sometimes, when using skype, i really appreciate the function of "sharing the screen"

which is, showing what one is seeing on one's display to the other's display.

as i said in previous post, i actually observed people in macdonald for 5h the day before.
then i found that, people (might be only japanese..) never stop using their mobile....
sometimes they are talking not facing each other, but seeing their own mobile...
sometimes they are showing how great the picture on one's mobile is..( mainly how cool the guy is :p)

then, it might be interesting to have a function in which we can share one's screen to everybody through their mobile.
that is especially useful when one wants to show his picture to his friends. it is always bothersome to pass the phone each time... but if we could share the screen, ( i don't know maybe with bluetooth or something other? bluetooth might not have that protocol to share the image at the sametime... so might be 3g or wifi? hmm....not that sexy...) then, we can talk about the same thing and no need to pass your own mibile!

of course to share something, there must be an idea of projection... but i know some of the company is now developing small projector, so i just avoid to say projector on purpose...

Thank you for reading :)
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