Finding a person who knows what we want to know

Since there are huge amount of data come across this world, many people can access to data, and many people can learn about anything...
But... for me, sometimes it is not that important to learn about something. Not all people should be a expert in my opinion.

I will explain with a simple example.

If i want to go to a Place A, i need to search the metros and how to transit and what road i should take after getting off the station... but... even these things, we don't need to search it now a days...

What if we can see some people who are going to go the same direction as me? i just need to follow him.

It can be more smaller place, like which exit should i take.. in these case, i am sure that there are some people who is going the near place.

 finding/searching what we want to know

finding/searching a person who knows what we want to know

It can be a situation when i get off the airplane in unfamiliar airport, if i could find somebody who will take the same train, i can follow those :)

and it might be good as well to know what station each people leave in rush hour in a train, so that we could have a seat :p

Today's idea is a bit ambiguous, but what i thought is in some cases, we should find a people who knows more than me, rather than finding a data in internet.

My country's nuclear problem was typical thing for that. Since i could not trust all the information, i searched and learned how the nuclear plant was build, and what the mechanism is, (of course briefly) and make me calm...
It would be nicer if i can find a right person who give us information

this idea especially works in both ways,
1. when the thing is really complicated
2. when the thing is not worth searching it, but it would be better if we could get the information.

it can be in a restaurant, whose menu is in foreign language.. if i could see the number of people who ordered in a menu, i could chose it easily :)

maybe there were some search engine which enable to search people... with some topic... but i could not find the url, but the idea might be an extension of that

Thank you for reading :)
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