Facebook "Like" button on Real life products

Since most of the website, including this blog has a button "like" which facebook provides.

It is great that no body in facebook asked other people to attach the button on their website, they rather want to put it spontaneously... and they know it will make their website more valuable...

Then, what i thought is that (maybe people in facebook might think about that) what if a usual products, like laundry machines, refrigerators, or even books or shoes could have a button "like", so that we can share the product!

I remember the day i bought a little bit expensive (for me, student) bed, and i wanted to share that with my friend, but i was lazy enough not to take a picture and upload it to SNSs...

maybe near day, we will have a wifi-everywhere-environment. then what if packages of products, or products themselves, or even a shop or restaurant has "like button" in physical ways as well as the websites now???

Maybe it would be really nice, i would like to use it :)

Is it too futuristic story????
As for the technical aspect, actually it is possible with current technology.
There are various of ways to realize it, i think (though it might not "cost-efficient)
For some expensive products, like consumer electronic, it might be possible... but as for non-expensive product, i mean like book or foods, we have to think about better way to realize it..

we might be able to do that through our phone, if we could get the api of google goggles.
Maybe they can recognize the product through the picture, but more accurate if we use bar-code,  and it would bring the concept in real life :)

Or like one of the greatest ideas named "six sense" in TED (see one of the videos that i referred here), we could make it :) (maybe it will be also in the future though :p)

oh, i usually write my idea first, and later i searched whether the idea exist or not... and of course, it exist ... :(  a bit different from what i thought, but in exhibition, it is enough :) 

but we need.. or i want to make it closer to users :)

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓

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