Youtube function, giving video series in right order

I sometimes saw this guy's youtube channel

It is... yes, i think some of you would like it, and some would not .... for me, it is funy, and i think i can practice my listening skill without any effort :p

the thing that i realized after put his channel as my favorite was that... if he uploaded his new videos once a 2 days or 3days, i could continue to see it for a long period....

then... it might be interesting to have 1 video of each favorite channels appear once a day, i mean not only the new one appears, but also we could have some videos in the right order.
especially in Language learning, or seeing some animations or tv series, (it might be prohibited though...), I can watch it really continuously without spending a lot of time to search it :) and I am sure that it helps me with continuing for a long period (and as for tv series, we might prevent from seeing for a long time in a day :p)

this day, lesson 1, next day, lesson2.... something like that, it would be nicer :)

or... are there some functions like that??? hmm then... sorry :p

Thank you for reading :)
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