Video chat for Distant Team Work

Skype is... for me, great innovation

As I am now participating in ME310 program, I have experienced "distant team working" a lot...
The team was composed by 4 people in paris, and 4 people in finland in my case...
then work on the same project with 8 team members

At that time, skype does a great job of course...

but the thing is, no matter what kind of video call we use, when we have to set up some computer and staff so on, it seems... all of our team has to attend, and through the computer, we can not develop something... just only inform and plan for something...
even though it is between friends, it makes call somehow formal

If we need to work together, google doc works quite well, but only for write something only...
if it is only between one and one, we can manage with sharing screen, or we can do what ever we want...

then  what i thought is
what if we can have some calling system that always connected to distant team member??
so that we can share everything

and what if we can carry the cameras, and share what we are seeing through a projection system?

Portable camera and projector

some of them can share the camera and projector, so that we can do brainstorm and so on :)

Communicating between person A and person B
I think... it is possible to make the range of the camera and projector the same...  non?

I knew there are some table with screen, which enable us to share everything on the table, and move easily... but the data is still digital, and i think it makes communication harder.

and also, i would like to have the screen system like this.

this is the screen which only reflects the lights of the projector.
It might be nicer if projector itself can have the function like this :)

and portable camera exist also
 (not projector)

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓

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