Touch keyboard2

Just found this video in youtube

The Sensation Of Buttons On A Touchscreen

They can feel, they are pressing a button. I dont know how do i feel with it,  but i was thinking to integrate with this idea

At that time, as a one who studied usability, i thought it we should have some feedback or should feel where the buttons are, but it might be not needed with this touch interface...

hmm, nice :)

Thank you for reading :)
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  1. I think that people always look for things they're most familiar with . It's more significant to feel the pressing of buttons to make it more real and interactive.
    Another exemple is when reading "ibooks" on iphone/ipad and wanting to turn the page, It rolls following the fingertip like in a real book.


  2. Yep, I totally agree with it!

    the one that you said is something like
    though there are a lot of "dislike" in that video, i prefer those kind of "intuitive" operations :)


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