Personal Best 5 Ideas

UPdated at 17th of September

1. Before Augmented Reality comes to the daily life and online shop book

these two idea would be similar, or the same concept

as i mentioned in Before Augmented Reality comes to the daily life there should be a step before AR coming to our real life.

this idea is similar to the previous post, but extracting digital world's component into real world.
it would be nice if some companies ship the product just by reading QR code or RFID through our smart phones. and if we registered your payment information and address, we can use it in multiple books or shops (which i posted in the previous post)

2. iPhone nano would be interesting

what if we could use it like a phone??
i posted before Cordless extention of mobile phone in which we can use other device as a cordless extension of a mobile phone, but what if the mobile phone itself is small enough so that we can carry with us always... just like a watch!

3. Small signal for distance places

what if we could have small tangible staff on our desk, and it has really small signal communication... like tangible "poke" system.

4. blog search interface

it would be nice if we could search the blogs like mac's folder's one function

5. Shower head with Shampoo dispenser

using shower head as shampoo, or body soap dispenser.
it means we never waste shampoo or water.


i havent been updated, so add 2 more :p

6. Computer Display with Digital Photo Frame Function

t would be nice if computer display could have digital photo frame function after turning off the computer...

7. Physical Folders of Local Folder in A Computer

it might be interesting to have physical folder in our life to access to local folder in our computer. of course it doesn't mean we will have tons of folders, but some of the folders that we use(or used) often.

UPdated at 6th of Jun

Car lane change supporting| own traffic signal

having own traffic signal on each side mirror.
For example, when we change the lane to right side, he has to be carefully see the prople passed through. then, what if something can tell me that "now it is ok to change the lane"??

Motivation keeping using twitter

some part taking role of continuing the motivation is, saying it to our friends, or finding some friends doing the same thing... then, what if we could have some platform like that?

ear plugs with alarm

what if we can have ear plugs that have a function of alarm???

Alert Display in a Car

there might be a display, which was seen when the accident was happened / or about to happen...
that is... mobile phone
Then, what if we could connect our mobile to the sensor technologies in a car, so that phones will alert us emergency??

English- English Dictionary and English-Japanese Dictionary 

What if we could have a dictionary, which explains the word with really simple sentence as english-english dictionary does, but written in their own language

UPdated at 6th of May

1. Airport Cart Problem finding
Most of the child ride on the airport cart (or ride on a baggage which is on the cart), maybe more than 80% of families...
maybe we can have some hint from shopping cart in supermarket.

2. NEW CARAFE design: access free fountain on a table
Wherever you put your glass on the fountain, (if not possible, lets say there are 4 points to get water) you can get the water from upside...

3. Computer Interface/ keyboard and touch pad at the same time 
What if we can control our cursor with moving our finger on the surface of the keyboard as we do with the touch pad in laptop?

4. Language Fileter in Twitter (or in Facebook)
What if we could have language filter??? like "show only French" or "show only Japanese and English" maybe google translate is able to recognize what the language is, so... technically, it is possible

5. Facebook "Like" button on Real life products
What if a usual products, like laundry machines, refrigerators, or even books or shoes could have a button "like", so that we can share the product?

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