Bank account bar code or qr code

Make it easy and simple to transfer money

its been a while....
but from today, i would like to update my idea again continuously.

today's topic is about ATM machine.
then, transferring money bother me somehow, so i would like to have an idea about simple way of transferring money...

Problem from Observation

i found it bothersome when we transfer money into another bank account, in terms of steps...
at first, i will get bank account information via e-mail or something from computer or mobile (sometimes via paper though), and then, for example if we get it in computer, we will write it down in paper or mobile, so that we can bring it to the ATM machine. (sometimes if the document is too big, we write paper -> paper)

then, we again, input the bank code and something so on...

It means, at least once, sometimes twice we need to write down the target bank account code into several interfaces.

Make it Simple with the solution

the idea that i want to bring here is, an application of mobile phone, or smartphone, sometimes for computers.
that is, when we fill the account information, we can create a bar code or QR code of our bank account.

we can either create other person's code, or some might send it to you.

then, we just need to bring the code, and with the bar code reader that is attached to the ATM, we can read the account information.
then we don't need to input bank account more than twice.

then we can easily transfer money to any of the banks in the world...

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓

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