iPhone nano would be interesting

iPod nano now is really fantastic for me... in terms of mobility.

i haven't used this, but i heard that it is not so hard to use...
and the nice thing for me is we can carry it like a watch! that's something interesting...
then, i just wonder what if we could use it like a phone??

i posted before Cordless extention of mobile phone in which we can use other device as a cordless extension of a mobile phone, but what if the mobile phone itself is small enough so that we can carry with us always... just like a watch! not as big as this one.. lol

a picture of a mobile phone carrying like a watch

now we tend to bring many things with us... but many functions are overlapped. for example, iPhone and iPad.

then, it is no use if all of them has networking function, i mean we don't necessarily connect all the things into network, (when we regard the price? :p )

then, what is the merit to use all of those thing? i can't really figure them all out, but there must be something... my guess is it depends on application, and for example seeing through the website, it would be better if we could have a bigger screen...

then, how about something like following picture?
we can use the same installed application, and network, or phone call through other devices just with docking with other devices. could be nice as well :)

could be nice if we have a place to connect iphone nano in our laptop as well :) ....no? lol

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