Search engine regarding os type, or application type

when we start using a new application, or installing an unfamiliar application, we always google how to do that...

but you may have also noticed that... many of the cases it is really hard to find appropriate information.

'Cause situations are changing enormously in a minute....

for example, installing Eclipse (develop environment for java, or android)... many versions are released and it is really hard to find "appropriate" information for us...

then, it would be nice if we have something which offers the result only mentioned about "your" environment...

something like following picture

hmmm bad interface, though it would help us if we can have indexes of explanation

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  1. Hi,
    So you mean like a universal search engine dedicated to applications/environments on difference platforms (OS, Devices,...) it's actually a great idea, it requires a strong search algorithm. There is the feature called Google Apps that has the similar purpose, I guess you already know about it. But since it's a mono search field you have to put all the keywords together and most of the times the result is quite chaotic . Anyway I think that google has the strongest ability to improve this feature for a better ergonomic search interface such as your design idea :-)



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