Small signal for distance places

haha, it is really cute....
i have no idea how to spread this idea, but it gives me some hints, or some inspiration for today's idea.

when i got a mobile at the first time, or before getting the first mobile i was thinking that e-mail is something really useful, and it never forces people to reply immediately, that means receiver has their own choice when they replies.

but nowadays, e-mail is something bothering sometimes. the number of e-mails are increasing, and some e-mail requires really quick response. that makes us stick to the computers....

it is also reach to the couples. let's say, i want to call to my girlfriend, and gave a call, but she didn't reply. then i might send an e-mail such like " can you have a call when you have a time?"
then, it increase the number of e-mails, and becomes a reason bothering my girlfriend...

ah,,, needless to say, but i don't have girlfriend now though... lol

then, what if we could have small tangible staff on our desk, and it has really small signal communication... like tangible "poke" system.
for example, having cube with colors, or having a book that says "call me" or something, and every action towards the object will transfer to distant girlfriend's place... then we can find they are at home or they have time or not or... we can inform that "i want you to care me!!!" .... without (hopefully) bother each other

hmm.... it is hard to explain, and i have no idea whether it works or not.
but isn't it cute or funny if we could communicate using tools like something in the video above??  ; one falls the domino, and one stand that, it is definitely communicating something.
in short, my interest is having tangible communication tool instead of existing, e-mail, call or skype.


  1. That's interesting! Even though I have no idea how to set it up neither...This domino thing is working with wireless network, so maybe if you can connect them with Public Wi-Fi or any mobile Data network (3G, LTE..). The connection you're representing between your home and your girlfriend-to-be's (LOL) will be POSSIBLE. Now all you've got to do is to negotiate your solution with Telco Operators ( I can make you the network design and architecture ^^) !! ( I'am not certified yet though :p)


  2. haha :) i might be able to negotiate :p
    but yes, as for technology, i think it is possible... for example bluetooth and 3g could be?? domino -> mobile via bluetooth -> 3g via mobile ??
    hehe, but thank you for your comment! it is always motivate me!
    i'm not sure which could be earlier; the time when "the solution comes to realize" or the time when "i get a girlfriend"


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