Doki-Doki sensor; the sensor to measure how exciting the girl is

doki-doki is a japanese expression that represents the sounds of heart beating

with that information, you might be able to understand the meaning of the doki-doki sensor...

before explaining today's idea, i want you to watch following video

this measures the flow of the blood.

then, if the technology spreads, it might be a part of mobile, and always measures one's health.
but if we could access to other person's sensor, or at least, if we could get some signal if the one's heart is beating faster, the date would be more exciting for guys...

without the girl's saying good or bad, they can feel, or see whether she got excited or not, through those signals...

I know, i can not keep writing this post, it's really silly... but could be funny if we/something could understand one's emotion :)

Thank you for reading :)
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