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sometimes, like when japanese earthquake happened, twitter takes great role.

to inform many people...

but at the same time, it means "wrong information" or "old information" will be spread spontaneously.

in order to deal with those, it might be interesting if we could see the "path" of one tweet. not only "official retweet" but also "un-official retweet" (which uses RT: @--- xxx)

that's interesting just seeing, and also we can confirm where the resource is.
and if somebody find the information was wrong, we can inform people using exactly the same path.

problem behind is, when twitter or tv program broadcast wrong information, and even though they apologize after, we can not say, the apologize will achieve to the same people.

so... at least on twitter, it might be good to have those path thing as a function

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  1. Ow, that's not going to be easy to set up! It involves : tracking, routing and so much background process. I guess only twitter can be able to implement such feature. It would be sure great once done.
    For now, I only know of a twitter anti-phishing service, based on monitoring all links submitted for potentially malicious attacks. But I guess the same interception could be applied in the purpose of tracing the source of the tweet. (Well it will also imply privacy issues...it's the most complicated part )

    Source: http://techcrunch.com/2010/03/09/twitter-phishing/



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