facebook/skype online info/ gmail recieving info

this would be similar to the previous post;

KNIdea: Small signal for distance places

that was, communicating with their gf/bf, using ambiguous communication tool.
sending the paired object's information

today's idea is using almost same idea, about sending "internet information"
like facebook, skype, gmail

in detail, for example, what if we could have a domino which has our friends' (in facebook) face picture. and it turn over when the friend went offline, or stand when the friend comes online.
we can confirm those information from website or software, but it means always from display. we have no choice to confirm those info without turning on the computer, even the g-mails

then, what if we could have dominos like this??

then, we could confirm whether your friends are online or not

or we could confirm whether we've got e-mail or not, without connecting to the internet (i mean the computers)

or it can be designed like this :p

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