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when you review papers or your diary, i guess you sometimes overview whole pages quickly, and pick up one page randomly to read whole content.

but actually, i think it is not random... some part of the page has some attractive points, then that is why you chose that page to read

and i just thought if we could review blogs like the way we do with real diary or book, it would be nicer.

cos the way we search blogs now is not that good. we can not see any part of the pages, we can not see how long the blog is, and so on; most of the information the blog has is not being shown in the searching result
actually, it takes less than 1 second to overview how long the blog is, what kind of figure they use, how large the letters are, and so on.

then i just thought it would be nice if we could search the blogs like mac's folder's one function

then we might be able to add or integrate ordinal search result like

----EDIT at 15th Aug----
just found what i said in this blog later.

Thank you for reading :)
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