Before Augmented Reality comes to the daily life

before writing about today's idea... i have to excuse about having no update recently...
the last update was.... maybe  the beginning of June... but i will continue posting from today!!
i was just being lazy...
actually i could say i was busy because it was my end of the 1 year project, and i had to travel finland, us, paris, and had important presentation in stanford and enpc in paris....
and i have to move out from paris, and going back to japan...
but being  busy must not be any excuse, i know...
but anyway, i will start again!!

today's idea is inspired from here

this is actually really nice idea i can say...
QR codes (like following pictures) are i think not that popular in europ or other countries compared with korea or japan, but the concept itself can be achieved without this one, like ic tags, rfids, and so on. (though QR code seems  the cheapest...)

the concept is, easy-access from real world to digital world, in my understanding.
and now, there is a little bit similar concept, so-called AR.

AR is i think very good idea and concept, and the thing is as i said, a bit similar to the first video's concept: in terms of bringing users from
real world to digital world.

but as you can see, the entrance of the digital world is a bit different. and those can be regarded as interfaces between real world and digital world, and following 2 figures explains where the border of the 2 worlds are.

the border of digital world and real world with AR technology

the border of digital world and real world in first video's concept

of course we are living in real world. so it must be easier for us to have interface in our real life than in digital life.
so in my opinion,  AR is too early. we have to wait for 3 years or more, waiting for the new concept that the first video brought spread. i mean wait for users to get used to play with physical/real-life interface which brings users into digital world from real world

today's idea is simple, but having something like first video's ones in any shops, ideally on price tags or shelves; shops for clothes, shoes, or furniture, daily things, and so on

the merit will be for example when you are traveling, and find something good, but you dont want to bring it back because of the limit of the luggage or just being lazy because it is heavy. then if the application or something remembers your address, payment info, and so on, you don't need to fill the documents to ship it, you dont need to pay it there, you don't need to cue for the payment, and you dont need to bring it back. (or you don't need to prepare cash of that countries)

that would be.... nicer, i think^^
of course, the difference between online shop and that idea is that customer can actually see and touch the product, and user can trust more^^

Thank you for reading :)
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  1. I was also impressed by those videos when i've seen them, such a great concept. Actually I have a friend who's a "AR expert" developper. he's always looking for new ideas. Maybe he can try to work on those interfaces. I'll talk to him about this ^^.



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