Multi Account add-on

Google has multi-account function, which is super useful for some of the users i think...

i also has 2 google accounts, one is used for normal usage, and the other is used as an android application developer.

But i guess, there are some people who has multi-account not only in google, but like twitter, facebook, blogs, and staff so on.

then actually, since the google multi-account is not applied for developer site, i use two browser to switch my account... firefox for normal thing, and safari for just seeing the developer site

but it would be nicer if we can manage two or more account with one browser....

then, what i thought is using tab-group in firefox default function to manage the account...

each tab-group has each account, just like two browser, the we can easily switch the account just with switching the tab-group ^^

i would be glad if there are some add-on like that :)

Thank you for reading :)
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  1. Hi

    It's actually an already supported feature by Google Accounts!!

    And just as you wanted :"You can even open multiple Gmail tabs — one for each of your accounts." Source=the link above ^^

    And by the way, this gmail blogpost is a bless :)



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