The Personal Best 5 Ideas in May

Car lane change supporting| own traffic signal

having own traffic signal on each side mirror.
For example, when we change the lane to right side, he has to be carefully see the prople passed through. then, what if something can tell me that "now it is ok to change the lane"??

Motivation keeping using twitter

some part taking role of continuing the motivation is, saying it to our friends, or finding some friends doing the same thing... then, what if we could have some platform like that?

ear plugs with alarm

what if we can have ear plugs that have a function of alarm???

Alert Display in a Car

there might be a display, which was seen when the accident was happened / or about to happen...
that is... mobile phone
Then, what if we could connect our mobile to the sensor technologies in a car, so that phones will alert us emergency??

English- English Dictionary and English-Japanese Dictionary 

What if we could have a dictionary, which explains the word with really simple sentence as english-english dictionary does, but written in their own language

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