Poke function in Gmail...

I think I'm really bad at managing e-mails....

Sometimes i don't read e-mails which is needed to be replied...

But in those cases, it might be interesting to have "poke" or some re-notification system in e-mail...

I sent an e-mail, i want to have the response before the next day, but this guy and this guy did not reply,,,, ok, let's press this button to alert, or do something to let they notice it...

Thank you for reading :)
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  1. Hi

    Don't tell me you don't have the "Priority Inbox" Activated on your gmail? ^^

    Well, I'm kind of "Google Beta tester", trying every new features on Google/Gmail labs.

    And Priority inbox is a smart classifier, that places in the upper part of your Inbox, those estimated most important unread messsages.( your inbox is divided into 2 parts : Top="Important and unread" and Bottom=" Everything else".

    Plus, i'm using "Labels/Colors" so that i can filter emails by type and more elaborated priority :).

    You can have a look at my gmail Inbox here:

    And for more information about:

    Priority Inbox: http://mail.google.com/mail/help/intl/en/priority-inbox.html

    Gmail Labels:

    ^^ hope it will help.


  2. For a successful execution all the users need to have is their recovery information right. Rest all are self explanatory steps which can even be carried by a novice.https://www.buzzfeed.com/jiprinojit/gmail-support-services-to-resolve-2hmtt


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