English- English Dictionary and English-Japanese Dictionary

As I posted before I'm now studying English..

this post is also an idea of learning English... or.. i dare say, learning foreign language :)
When i start to learn english, the vocabulary list is always English-Japanese, and it works quite well.
and dictionary as well.

But as time past, many teacher recommend us to use english-english dictionary...
at that time, I didn't quite get the reason actually: why do we need to use en-en dictionary???

but yes, the more  words become difficult, the less familiar the translation japanese word is...
and it bring us to wrong way of leaning foreign language...

what is wrong way? of course there's nothing wrong, but the way which i think is wrong way...
let's say, when i learn a really difficult english word "A",  japanese explanation is like "B". However, even though "B" is written in japanese, the word is not familiar with me. then we just remember "A = B" just like the two sides of a coin, but rarely remember the meaning...
In that sense, english-english dictionary works quite well i can guess, because it is explaining what the word "A" means... We can learn the actual meaning by them.
but it is a bit tiring to use such kind of "only-foreign language dictionary"...

Then, what if we could have a dictionary, which explains the word as english-english dictionary does, but written in their own language...

here is an example,
If we look up the word "dictionary" in an en-en dictionary, it says

a book that lists the words of a language in alphabetical order and gives their meaning, or that gives the equivalent words in a different language.

In en-jp dictionary,

My idea is just translating the contents of en-en dictionary into japanese, so that we no longer need to remember "A=B", but can remember the meaning,  like "A is used when i feel... "

when it is really difficult word, I am sure that it works well :)

Thank you for reading :)
I would be glad if you can leave a comment, or simple reaction for this post :) ↓↓↓

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