Facebook card

as i mentioned in the post Facebook "Like" button on Real life products,
it would be nicer if we could have a real like button in real life...

at the same time, it would be nicer if we can check-in with foursquare

the trigger of these thought is today's visit to apple store.
I went to silicon valley's apple store, and i wanted to check in, but i just had an abroad phone... (I might ought to try it.. there might be a wifi connection)

Then, it would be nicer if we could have a card with IDs or phone with IDs, which corresponds to our facebook account, forsquare, and so on.

Then, if facebook or some companies could provide some machine which automatically send like or check in information to internet when we touched with the card, it would be nice :)

I would like to have a card actually, but technically it would be nicer if we could have that information in mobile.

In japan, we can exchange our personal information just only with touching our phone. (maybe with ic tag or something)... then, what if we can be a friend in facebook just with touching our phone, or cards...

that would be nice :)

Thank you for reading :)
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