Glasses for Camera, Video, 3dtv, AR

Hmm.... I just predict how human being will change from now on...

there are some famous picture, and i just added two more pics

the 2nd left one is having mobile, or tablet, and the next one is wearing glasses.

why glasses?? i just got inspiration from following videos

But for me, if it is tv itself, i dont want to use it...
As i mentioned  in  hints from Video glasses, and portable printers if it is a camera, or video, i would be happy.

and we could include function for 3d tv as well, and also it would be a really good interface for AR technology.

this might be a bit different type of "idea" from other posts,  but i would suggest some glasses which has camera, video, 3d tv, and ar interface...

hope it won't be so heavy... lol

we might be able to use head phone as well. to reduce the weight, and to link with sound.

Thank you for reading :)
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