A Display on A Car's Roof with Network

Today's idea is about a car.

I will show you the idea first, and explain the reasons why it is needed.

the Idea is attaching a display on a car roof, and show whatever the person behind want using network...
for example, movie...  In order to let them know or to get their attention, when something happen, or when it comes to turning point for them, the display shows some other thing: turn right at next corner, the car was stopped, or the traffic light became red...

I dare say, the car in front, so that we can switch the car in any cases :)

watching movie on the roof of the car in front

seeing a navigation when needed

the reasons behind are... people are seeing the car in front while they are driving, i think
and for example, when we are with our friends, the others than drivers can see movies or do anything they want, but rarely drivers...
then, what if drivers just need to see the displays, in order to go to their destinations and sharing exciting moment with riders at the same time???...

and it might be linked to previous post
[Finding a person who knows what we want to know]
people don't need to see the navigation, but just follow the car who knows the route instead...

Thank you for reading :)
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