Magnetic loop for normal environment

In my undergraduate research, i proposed and create a system for hearing impaired persons.
The contents will not be mentioned here, but when i was searching for the benchmarks , i found a very interesting existing technology.

which is called magnetic loop .

The interesting part is, the sound comes from the system is transferred into magnetic signal, and only the ones who have receivers can hear that sound, when they are near the sound source.

as i put a link above, that is now used in many different places..
As far as i know, there are some stadiums which has also the magnetic loop.

that is mainly for hearing impaired person, who can hear one source of sound if it is not mixed together with the different sound... hearing aid amplifier all the sound that exist, so it is really hard for hearing impaired person to hear mixed sound...
then, if we use magnetic loop technology, only one sound can be heard, and it enable the hearing impaired person to hear the sound...

the principle itself is quite simple, so in my opinion, it should spread more even though it is kind of old-technology

in museum, in city or stations and things so on...

And today's idea was inspirited by this technology

one of the concerns in airport is luggage...
and it takes really long time to get our luggage from luggage exit (i dont know how to call it, but where we can get the checked in luggage)
then, what i hate the most is we have to look every luggage really carefully...

then, what if every luggage has some function, which beeps when there are some receiver near them, and only beeps with paired receivers... (it can be a bluetooth, but more closer the range are the better)

then, we can wait luggage even with our back on the luggage....

maybe in terms of security, it would be hard to implement though

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