Physical Folders of Local Folder in A Computer

which is easier? finding something on your shelf, or finding something in your local folder on your computer???

it depends on what is "something", and on users...
for some people, i guess it is easier to find something in physical world.

for example, i like making folder with strict rules, it means there are a lot of files that exist in more than 5 folders deeper from home folder... click again and again, and reach to one folder.
but then for me, in physical world, my favorite books/current reading books are always near by me.

then, it might be interesting to have physical folder in our life to access to local folder in our computer. of course it doesn't mean we will have tons of folders, but some of the folders that we use(or used) often.
of course, we can make alias (or short cut) to access easily.
but sometimes it is easier, and for example if touching on them enables to focus on the folder when we are using another application, the operation would be faster.
and for some reasons, the folders that we used to use often (means have a lot of memories) will not be accessed without any reasons later on... however, if we could have something physical, then we might have some opportunities to remember them and seeing through them.

there are of course hard drives or usb memories which is physical, and able to keep data or memories. but in my idea, the contents itself is in one's computer, the physical thing is just for accessing that folder.
... hmmm... can't explain it well, hope u could understand the concept...

Thank you for reading :)
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