NEW CARAFE design: access free fountain on a table

Today's idea is... if i draw it, it would be like following pic

I was just wondering whether we would be able to have these kind of things in our table...
it is supposed to be placed in the center of the table.
The problem i focused on is... when several number of people are surrounding a table and eating together, maybe most of you will bring a bottle or carafe on the table. and people have to pass the carafe to get water, bring it up, pouring.... it sometimes annoyed us, i think

so, what if we could have an access free fountain like the picture??? at the center of the device there is a bottle, you can change water there, and wherever you put your glass on the fountain, (if not possible, lets say there are 4 points to get water) you can get the water from upside..... and it has some battery (or connected to the AC adopter), so we can get cold water in any time :)
then we dont need to pass bottles or carafe, and even more, we dont need to carry up the bottles to pour water.

Maybe occasions of drinking water includes while we are studying...
so if it is small enough, we could put it at the working desk, and bring any places we want :)

Thank you for reading :)
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