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This idea was also proposed my another blog "KNLog" before.

i think many people use iPhone or android phone to see a map, or even, to navigate to the destination both while driving or walking. and it is not so far future where many car-navigation system have android os.

Then... the idea of the application is that, when one sets the direction where they want to go, it might be interesting that they can find the car which goes the same direction, and can inform the cars "Please pick me up"....

Of course there are some problem of safety.. and it might bad for taxi industrial... but it is one thing ecological, and.... giving us many opportunities to meet different kind of persons.

I am thinking to have some "review" of the person, like amazon. and it provides us some trust...

and personally, when i were driving a car with that system, i would like to have a button that says " I would like to pick up only young ladies" ... :p

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